Adam Sterling

About Me

I'm Adam Sterling; a landscape, aviation, and travel photographer based in Irvine, CA. Even as a small child, I had a passion for taking pictures. I also have a passion for learning; so I started with a beginner's photography class, when I was still in high school in the late-1990s. Mastering the fundamentals, using film, has given me an appreciation and understanding of photography. It was a pleasure of mine to spend hours upon hours in a darkroom to produce the perfect print, thus changing my mindset from taking a picture to making a picture from start to finish.

It is always fun for me to look at the pictures that I've taken throughout the years. Anyone would be able to see how much I have grown creatively. It is my hope that someone who sees a picture of mine, not only gives it more than a cursory glance but also gains something from looking at it.

If you have questions, comments, or want to commission a photograph, please don't hesitate to contact me.